Agriculture, Food and Beverage

Towards Justice for All

September 28, THU  /  16:00 - 17:15

As the world population continues to grow, more efforts and innovations will be required to sustainably continue to develop agricultural production, improve the global supply chain, reduce food loss and spoilage, and ensure that all who suffer from hunger and malnutrition have access to adequate and affordable, nutritious food. The international community believes it is critical that we all work together to eradicate hunger within the next generation.

The increasing role of modern trends of food insecurity and malnutrition (geopolitical conflicts, climate extremes and economic shocks), combined with the high cost of nutritious foods and growing inequalities, will continue to pose challenges to food security. This will be the case until agrifood systems are transformed, made more resilient, and provide cheaper, nutritious, affordable healthy food for all in a systemic, long-term manner.

Improving the stability of local food systems will be critical to preventing large-scale shortages in the future, and to ensuring food security and nutrition for everyone on our planet.



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