Cryptocurrencies and Digital Currencies

Towards Equitable Technology

September 27, WED  /  16:00 - 17:15

Addressing the world's sustainable development model will require a significant increase in funding, with particular attention to topics related to poverty, social inequality and environmental degradation that governments alone simply cannot address. Even before the COVID-19, nations faced trillion-dollar annual funding gaps to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The pandemic has only intensified this funding gap, which has been particularly acute in emerging economies.

One of the solutions may be the global development of Islamic finance, being an important off-standard source of financing for sustainable development.

Speaking about the development and improvement of human welfare it should be noted that the key role in this process is played by the national financial systems of various countries, which are increasingly influenced by technological innovations being able to restore confidence in the financial sector of the economy.

In the last few years, a completely new class of financial assets has emerged: crypto and digital currencies, which have the potential to change the entire financial sector of the global economy. It is necessary to be very clear about the real possibilities of crypto and digital currencies, including the economic consequences of their emergence and use.

The technologies applied on the basis of digital currencies and distribution registers allow developing a new system of international settlements, actively contributing to the development and preservation of stability of financial markets, creating space for building an unprecedented, constructive, systemic, international dialog.



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