Opening Session

Towards Justice for All

September 27, WED  /  09:00 - 10:15

Pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change are issues not only for the current but also for several future generations.

Now of all times a special attention must be paid to achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and implementing important initiatives such as the Paris Agreement and the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

Experts can and should respond to the constantly increasing demand from government, business, civil society and the scientific community for values related to sustainability. All stakeholders should engage themselves in deliberative processes to jointly reflect on existing visions for the long-term, successful development of all humankind and create new ones.

The private sector can operate independently, but sometimes it also needs the support of the public sector. Without assistance the private sector may not always be able to allocate capital to activities where it is needed, but where risks and returns are incompatible with its functions, authorities and fiduciary responsibilities. The public sector can support sustainable finance initiatives that serve the public good.

It is now necessary to offer solutions that will help young people not only see opportunities to develop their own careers, but also to engage consciously in the challenges of strengthening national sovereignty. It is important to frame a path to turn scientific knowledge into solutions and technologies as quick as possible, and along the way to involve youth as active participants in this process.

The key objective of the Ecumene 2023: Global Financial Forum is the formation of new approaches to create and stabilize the international, economic, financial, environmental and technological agenda, which is an important contribution in the context of the development of global sustainable development, the most important component of the long-term national security strategy of the Russian Federation.

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