TASS: ECUMENE 2021 Congress Discusses Energy Sector Within Energy Transition

В рамках секции "Энергетический сектор в эпоху энергоперехода" участники рассмотрели порядок грамотного осуществления энергоперехода.

Alexey Kulapin, General Director, Russian Energy Agency (REA) of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, called the energy transition a global trend. According to him, last year, the total level of investment in the energy transition amounted to more than $500 billion. Among all countries, the European Union accounted for the largest growth: about 67% in relation to the level of 2019. It is also important that, thankfully to its large hydrocarbon reserves and developed supply infrastructure, the Russian fuel and energy complex is a key player in the world's traditional energy markets.

The Russian fuel and energy complex uses several methods to support the energy transition: the implementation of a programme to support green energy based on renewable energy sources, programmes to support the modernization of electrical equipment to improve its energy efficiency, programmes to support electric motors and other low-carbon transport, the introduction of low-carbon certificates mechanism. Thus, a set of measures in Russia covers almost all areas of the fuel and energy complex, the expert noted.

A lot has been done in this field in recent years. Alexey Kulapin noted that as a result of systemic measures of state support of the Russian renewable energy sector, last year was unique: for the first time the commissioning volumes of solar and wind-based generation facilities exceeded those of conventional generation. ‘This is definitely a breakthrough, and it is important not to slacken the pace and continue moving in the planned direction, ’ the Speaker said.

The experts noted the modernization of the nuclear power sector as a necessary step. Chairman of INDEPENDENT ENERGY LLC, Russia and Co-Founder of DN Platform Fuad Akhundov is convinced that in the current form this sector will not be able to provide answers to the demands that everyone accepts. As the Speaker noted, for the renaissance of nuclear power it is necessary to involve new players in the process of construction of plants, as well as to reconsider the scale.

All the panelists realize the importance of dialogue. For example, Andrey Bougrov, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Development, PJSC 'MMC 'Norilsk Nickel', notes: ‘There is no unanimity of opinion on what technologies to classify as those that will help the energy transition. Greenpeace argues that large dam-type hydroelectric power plants should be excluded from the list of ‘green’ renewable energy sources, arguing that they are powerful sources of greenhouse gas. There are studies that show the opposite conclusions.

In order for all factors to move in the same direction, it is necessary to have a common plan: and there are prerequisites for its development. One of the important initiatives is the creation of UN-based working group on the methodology of calculating greenhouse gas emissions. Sergey Korotkov, Director of the CIIC UNIDO Russia, spoke about the prospects of its appearance. ‘UNIDO as a technical tool, dealing with the issue of industry and the environment, is just right for this, we have both the methodology and techniques of such calculations, which could be applied by all UN member governments’ he shared with the participants of the discussion.

The discussion was an important platform for exchanging experiences during the energy transition. It demonstrated that there are points of contact for cooperation between the EU and Russia. ‘I am sure that such a platform as ECUMENE will allow us to reach a consensus, our common goal is to preserve the nature and pass it to our children in a blooming state’ summed up the meeting moderator Natalya Tretyak.

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