Lifetime Learning in Russia: Opportunities and Breakthroughs

September 30, FRI  /  09:30 - 11:00

The world is full of uncertainty. Huge challenges, including climate change, poverty, and inequality, are at the forefront of everyday life and seem to be growing in importance.

One thing we have no doubt about right now is the need for change.

The overall goal of a sustainable business strategy is to positively influence the environment, society, or both, and to create value for shareholders. Business leaders recognize the increasing power of sustainable business strategies not only to solve the world's most pressing problems, but also to ensure the success of their firms. However, it can be difficult to define what sustainability means, to set clear and achievable goals, and to formulate a strategy to achieve those goals.

Lifelong learning is the voluntary and self-motivating pursuit of knowledge throughout one's life, not only for personal but also for professional needs. It does not only promote social integration, active citizenship, talent development and individual growth, but also enhances personal competitiveness, overall team success and the sustainability of the entire business.

The discussion session will include the following questions:

  • New values of new generations;
  • Talent search and training;
  • Young people are the key to successful long-term development of business and the state;
  • Social well-being of the country;
  • Creating a system of training and retraining within the framework of new political, economic, and social realities.



* The Programme may be subject to change