KP.RU: It Is Impossible to Solve Global Environmental Problems Without Russia's Participation

The round table ‘Sustainable Development as a Unifying Idea for the Youth of the World. The 2050 Agenda’ gathered a lot of participants of St. Petersburg Economic Forum. Among the speakers were Yulia Mikhaleva, Deputy Head of ANO Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo), Ilya Razbash, Director of Information and Analysis Center for the Development of the Water Management Complex, Sharifah Norizah, Chief Executive Officer, Asian Youth Network Resources, Gonaya Monei Sethora, Director General, BUSINESS WOMAN AFRICA, and Viacheslav Fetisov, Deputy of the State Duma, UN Goodwill Ambassador, Head of VOOP.

- It is impossible to solve the world's ecological problems without the ecological well-being of Russia as the country with the largest territory in the world, emphasized Viacheslav Fetisov in his speech. - It is time for the youth of the world to unite their efforts in the fight against climate change.

It was for a reason that Fetisov suggested betting on the young. Now, he said, a ‘Millennial’ generation is entering its active life, one that will determine the development trends of the world until 2050, and it is already necessary to work out an agenda for counteracting climate change. And the new generation of young people, including being present at the SPIEF, will have to respond to environmental challenges together.

The director general of BUSINESS WOMAN AFRICA, Gonaya Monei Sethora, supported her Russian colleague.

- The Russian politician is absolutely right, - she said. There are no separate problems for each country. There are no problems of Ghana or Botswana, no individual problems of Africa - these are all global problems that can only be solved by the efforts of the entire world.

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